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South Carolina

I just wanted to give you an update on how our son is doing.  We have been using the regimen of essential oils since the end of May 2014.  When we started his motor tic's were so severe he could barely speak.  He was having outbursts and was not doing well in school. He is now in 2nd grade and we are in our 3rd nine weeks of school.  This year he is an "A" student academically and with his behavior.  This is a total turn around for him.  He has done well through the winter.  We opted to not give him the flu vaccine.  We continued on the regimen through the winter and when flu was really bad in our area we upped his capsules to twice a day.  He has had a cold this winter but it was minor.  He recovered with only minimal stuttering.  Nothing else.  His body actually responded how it should with a cold. He had cold symptoms which were very minor and he recovered within a few days.  Before the oils he would get the tics and behavior issues but never any symptoms that would show he had an infection.   We would only find out through labs that he had a virus or infection.   We are currently only taking the supplements and 1 oil capsule a day. I plan to stop the oil capsule once flu season is over.  We no longer need to do the massages. He is playing basketball right now and is doing exceptionally well.  Before the oils he was an awkward child.  This past week he scored 16 points for his team!  Wow what a difference.  We continue to see that our son is getting better everyday.  He finally is living the life of a normal 8 year old kid.  And we owe it to you for sharing your knowledge of essential oils.  I just want to thank you so much for what you have done for our son!


I want to say thank you for the extensive time that you have given to my family with regards to helping our daughter with the essential oils.  We are so very grateful to you both.  You have really helped us understand the complexities of the oils and broken them down in way that has made using them quite easy.  It has been approximately a month and a half since starting the oils regimen.  As you know my husband is a physician so the belief system in my house has been very limited.  However over the last month my husband's eyes have truly been opened.  We are both amazed with the significant reduction in her symptoms.  I must say even though I was a believer we were not expecting the significant and rapid response that our daughter has experienced.  I enjoyed reading your article about focusing on the cause and not the symptoms, and I agree it is most important for people to understand that they must be diligent with the oils and understand that the symptoms are not the real problem. When you understand that symptoms are temporary and not the cause it is easier to push forward past a fleeting flare up.  To give up before recovery because of a flare up in symptoms or an unreasonable expectation of the time it takes to recover is quite unfortunate.   We understand that with any healing, it is a process...both traditional and alternative... there must be sufficient time for the body to respond.  We are cognizant of the fact that there is more ahead of us, but are very confident that complete healing is not too far off.  With such a significant reduction in symptoms we know that this is indeed the answer to our prayers and the solution to the problem.  My husband has been doing extensive research on the properties of each oil, and he is really impressed with them.  I have begun to share with friends the benefits of the essential oils and truly believe this is something everyone should try.  Again, profound thanks.  Looking forward to speaking again. 


Thank you for your strength to share the oils knowledge on the FB page.  We are amazed at how our child improved and we (dare we say it) now feel we are permanently on the road to recovery.  The first 2 weeks of the oils our child was worse (as you mentioned may happen) and then overnight as fast as "it" came, "it" left.  

We are 4 months into the oils, our child is healthy and IGG levels are ticking upwards (finally!) after nearly 18 months of misery and helplessness.

Thank you again and Godspeed!



Thank you for the testimonial you emailed us.  We are also seeing great results.  We know we have more to go, but it is amazing to see some of the symptoms peeling away.  After all we have been through; we are rejoicing in every victory even the small ones, like sleep!!!  Thanks again for walking us through the massage technique.  We did see a slight reaction in his symptoms for two days following like you said and then that was it... everything calmed down and we haven't seen any more tics this week. Truly amazing because his tics are a daily occurrence.  Keeping our fingers crossed!!!!!!  Will give you an update in a couple of days.


North Carolina

Well summer is in full swing and I have a moment to write you. All I can say to you both is thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh my God, why didn't I find you guys and these amazing oils sooner? I have no words left to express to you what an impacting and profound change has taken place with Brandon. To think that in just a few months these oils have done something that medication for more than a year could not do is unbelievable. I cannot believe that something as simple as this was the answer for what was robbing our son of his childhood. He is now totally tic free. He has not had even one rage or anger flare up in over 4 weeks. His anxiety is almost completely gone. His therapist is also amazed at what she calls his “emotional lability.” When we told her he is no longer taking the Klonopin, she was truly amazed. She even asked for your telephone number. I just want to you to know how deeply thankful we are that you shared your story with us and offered to help us to use the oils correctly. We owe our life to you.
May God bless your family,



 Thanks for all you help, you are such a blessing. Joey is sleeping so much better now, in fact last night he didn't wake up once. We introduced the oil capsules from the regimen 4 weeks ago, as you know his mood swings are practically over. He is dealing with some slight ODD issues, but nothing like in the beginning. The change in his ups and downs is drastic, and the anxiety issues are so improved. He is just so different, and he actually notices it. I am so amazed by these oils. It’s like I have my old Joey back. We have more to go, but truthfully I can see so much progress in really a very short time. I called his Doctor today just to tell him what was going on. He seemed very impressed. When I think of how long we used antibiotics with no changes, and then to see such a change with the oils, it’s really nothing short of remarkable. My only regrets are that I wished we would have found them sooner. We really are so grateful for you both and your desire to help others. We can't wait to see all that is ahead! We actually shared our story last night on a facebook page for PANDAS and several people asked to contact us. We would like to may be have them call you if that is ok. Thanks again, we appreciate you very much.



Its funny because you asked me the other day how was my son doing and I told you  that l haven't seen many changes, but today something happen. l was driving my two sons to school and my son Iñaki the one that has PANDAS told me mom: l feel much better, l don't have any more does fears when l am at school, that made my stomach hurt and l can concentrate at school so l am going to do much better.
This things that my son said to me, made me feel that l am in the right path and he is going to get better but like you said, you have to be constant with the oils and patient.

Thanks for your support.


South Carolina

Hi, I just wanted to give you an update on Cameron.  We started last Monday (May 12th.)   At that time, Cameron had stuttering that was causing him frustration, he was throat clicking and had chronic sniffing.  Cameron has also had chronic sinus infections over the past 2 years.  We started the capsules on Friday (May 16th) and the roll on and massage on Saturday (May 17th).  On Saturday he woke up with sinus drainage.  And normally for Cameron he would not have symptoms with his sinus infections.  He would just have increased tics and behavior issues.  Never sinus drainage.  It just never drained.  Well for two days he would blow his nose throughout the day and it would take 5 minutes each time to get all of the thick yellow crud out.  I could not believe what was coming out of his nose.  It was like he body was detoxing and removing all the infection from his sinuses.  By Monday (May 19th) that had stopped.  Now we have noticed over the last couple of days that his sniffing is reduced and his throat clearing is gone, the stuttering is a bit better.  At first all of the tics got worse and now is tapering down.  The other surprising thing that we noticed was during his swim lessons today.  Cameron has always been very stiff.  He has an awkward way that he runs.  It’s almost like he doesn't have full range of motion in his lower legs.  He had kind of a shuffle run.  And when he would swim, he would be stiff and had an awkward kick.  Well today he was in the pool and he was so relaxed.  He just glided across the water.  The swim instructor pointed out that he did so much better today.  And then afterwards he and his sister were racing.  Maegan always wins.  Cameron has never been a good runner.  He beat her twice today.  She was shocked.  It is like his muscles are relaxing.  I am seeing great things from essential oils and can't wait to see more.  Thank you again for sharing this with us.  We are so excited about his progress.  


New York

I know it’s late, but my excitement is keeping me awake.  I put Savanna to bed tonight and it’s been three consecutive days of the break in her rituals.  Right before bed she would ask several questions for reassurance about a few topics and always had me take her temp to prove she wasn't sick.  For once I am waking up with less dread to face the day and starting to have hope and some faith we can beat this.


It’s funny, I have started to write this email to you several times, but I end up crying each time and have to stop because I am truly overwhelmed with emotion. There are not tears of sorrow though, but tears of joy, and they sure feel better than the tears I have cried for the past three years. As you know our twins were both diagnosed with PANS around their 7th birthday, they turned 10 this past Saturday. I am attaching a picture of them at their party. This picture would not have been possible without you both. I want you to know that you have given the greatest gift to my children than anyone could have ever given them. You gave them their lives back! The essential oils regimen you shared with us has been a miracle. I don't know what else to call it.  The book you sent us is awesome and I have practically worn it out looking up all kinds of things. We are all using the oils now around the house, and they are helping us too. Marc my husband started using the products and his eczema completely cleared up and I have even seen such a difference with my asthma.  We are all doing the allergy regimen you sent out and it is working great.

I must confess when I read your post on Facebook; I was a little negative and leery about contacting you. It was hard for me to believe. I actually didn't even contact you until more than two weeks after I read it. I guess because I was afraid that it was too good to be true. I even emailed you and you emailed me back, and I still didn't call you. I printed your email and put it on the counter and picked it up to read again almost every day for a week. Finally my husband said to me that if I didn't call then he was going to. We both agreed out loud, what in the world did we have to lose? I think for us it was just about being afraid to be let down. The truth is though we had nothing to lose. We tried antibiotics, they didn't work, we tried other drugs and they didn't help, we even spent thousands on IVIG and we ended up further back then where we stared. So what did we have to lose in calling you guys?
I want to also say thank you for all the time you spent with us on the phone when we called. Both  you and your wife were amazing and compassionate. You listened, you allowed me to cry and you just kept on listening. You gave us advice and you asked for NOTHING in return from us. You even prayed with us which such healing to our family....that’s when my husband looked at me and said these people have to be real. I cannot even tell you how much hope that brought us both. Let me tell you something, we haven't felt hope in so long that we actually thought it no longer existed. Thank you is just not a strong enough expression to say to you both for all you have done.

My kids are now coming out of this darkness. I can see it every day. One change after the next…it’s amazing. ALL the motor tics are gone. The shoulder shrugging, the self-hitting, the eye blinking, the screeching, the sniffing, the weird popping noises Justin made with his mouth…flat out gone! The angry words, the fear and anxiety that Marc expressed, are basically not there anymore. Sometimes he gets a little nervous on the way to school, but that is nothing to what we went through the beginning of this school year. He hasn't even wet the bed in three weeks. It is so amazing to me that I still can't believe this can be true. I have knocked on wood so many times this month that my knuckles are sore. Everyone is talking about the change they see in the boys. My in-laws, my parents, their teachers, have all expressed their amazement and happiness in how well the boys are now doing. I know in the beginning there were many times I would call and panic when there was a setback or a flare up, and every time  you took those calls and just listened. You never ignored our calls, when it would have been so easy to do so. You always redirected us and made us feel that it would be ok if we just didn't give up. You were so right! You told us to stop focusing on the symptoms and keep adressing the problem. That was so spot on. I see now that the symptoms were only a smoke screen for the PANDAS inside. I never forget the night you told us to trust you and that we should not look back for at least four months. Honestly, I thought to myself is the guy kidding?  However, you were so right. I think back now and what if I would have given up, what then?
I know it’s not over yet, but it’s so far from where we were that I feel total recovery is right around the corner.
We will forever be in your debt for all that you have done for us. I know that you are people of faith as you have expressed to us many times. So are we…with even more faith than before, thanks to you both. I know God will bless you far more then we could ever do. We pray that he will do so over and over again! I hope your son likes the little angel we sent him, and I am sure we will speak again soon.



Reaching out to you guys was one of the best decisions we could have made for our daughter, Alayna!  As you may recall she was diagnosed with Pandas three years ago.  She suffered with severe separation anxiety, OCD, was in a constant state of worry, was using the bathroom almost hourly, and felt the need to confess to everything she ever did or thought of doing.  Getting her to go to school was a daily tear filled struggle.  We sat in the school parking lot while she was in class, so she would feel comfortable knowing we were outside, more than I'd care to admit to.  We had several parent teacher conferences to discuss plans on how to get her through one day at a time. She had seen several of the best doctors in MD and NJ and had been on numerous long term medications, including Valacyclovir and Clarithromycin steadily for the past two years.  She was stable on the medications, but if they were stopped or she missed a few doses we noticed setbacks.  We
were also concerned for her being on these medicines long term, in regards to what it could be doing to her body, and the possibility of her developing an immunity to antibiotics.  We were in the beginning stages of going through the insurance nightmare of trying to get her approved for IVIG, something we were hopeful would help her but scared to death of it at the same time. I happened on some info you posted on the Pandas Facebook page and began reading more about the oils and we decided we had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  You answered a strangers call and I saw that we weren't strangers after all.  We (our kids) had a lot in common.  You were very generous with your time and we decided to purchase the oils you suggested would support our daughters needs, which incidentally was cheaper than a 20 minute phone consult with one of her doctors!!  We decided to commit to the oils and actually stopped her medication about a week before starting the oils.
  That was our choice because we wanted a clear picture of whether they were working or not.  I am beyond happy to say that after almost four months Alayna is still medicine free!  You wouldn't even notice she has Pandas.  No separation anxiety, the OCD is gone, and her bathroom usage is normal.  She bounces out of the car every morning with a smile on her face and seems to enjoy going to school.  Now when we talk to her teachers its about how wonderful she is doing and what a joy she is to have in class!  She often tells us that she feels great and that she knows the oils are working for her.  I read the posts on Facebook where people and talking about their kids symptoms, medications, and their frustrations.  I want to reach into the computer, grab them and ask them " why in the world haven't you at least given the oils a shot?"  The oils are now a part of our life and we have introduced other family members to them for various other problems and they are seeing some positive results. 

We will never be able to thank you enough for all you have done for us.  The support, info, and being there to answer our calls and staying on the phone as long as it takes are more than we could have ever hoped for. 



Things are going well here. Just want a let you know that Saturday Alayna went to a friend’s house for the afternoon.  They are relatively new friends for us, and she doesn't know the parents all that well.  This is something that she would not be able to do for the last couple of years.  There was no separation anxiety, worries, tears, or phone calls!  On the way home she said she is feeling great!  We are extremely happy and continue to plug away! 


 Another Update:

Wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that Alayna is not home. Where is she you ask?  She is staying overnight at a friend’s house!  This is something she has been afraid to do for over 2 years. She got the offer, thought long and hard without us putting any pressure on her, and came to us and said "I want to go". This is a huge deal for us and we are probably more nervous than her!  Just wanted to share! 




Good Evening-
I have wanted to email you both this week to let you know the progress we have seen in our boys, Kaiden (9) and Kamden (7). It's been so crazy I haven't had a chance until now to get some time to myself.  Of course, even in my "me" time it still revolves around PANDAS, LOL! 
Where do I begin........If you recall Kaiden has a lot of anxiety, some tics (chewing, twisting hair/ears), trouble sleeping, aggression, agitation, anger and difficulty in math, writing and concepts in general?  Since starting the essential oils protocol we have seen OUR Kaiden come back.  He is no longer showing any anxiety, fear or hesitation.  He is on the soccer field all over that ball.  Before the protocol he hated being goalie.  It made him nervous; he didn't like the pressure and everyone watching him.  He now LOVES being goalie!  He is diving after the ball; he is aggressive and doesn't hesitate.  You can see he is so happy and care-free out there now.  To the point that others have commented to us how he "suddenly" has come out of his shell on the field.  He also is bringing home the best grades he has in a very long time.  He is completing homework on his own and bring home A+'s and B's instead of the C-F with "please fix" written next to them.  His demeanor is so kind, caring and gentle just like he used to be.  He is kind of the ring leader around here being the oldest and he can make or break the atmosphere in the household.  The last couple weeks are the best it has been around here in a long time.  He told me and my mom separately that he doesn't feel like the dumb kid in school anymore because he understands his homework and he does not have to ask for help all the time and he is "just like all the other kids". He also said he feels better and he's not afraid on the soccer field anymore.  He still struggles with sleeping through the night but right now if everything stays the way it is (fingers crossed) that is our only issue.  Although I know how quickly that can change.  A friend of his was sick and was here! and we have seen a very small set back in attitude the last couple days but at the same time he is 9 and they do get attitudes once in a while.  He asks for the oils and the juice!
Kamden, boy or boy where to start.  Kamden is our emotional wreck and our kiddo that has really suffered in the cognitive delays due to the flares.  Let's start with the math test that was given to him on 3/7(before protocol).  First part was to identify numbers in one minute.  He only tried to identify 7 numbers in one minute and got 3 right.  They gave him the same test on 4/21 (after protocol) and he got 35 out of 37!!!  We had his IEP meeting on 4/22 and his teacher said he did not just learn that in the last couple weeks.  She said this is in there!  We just have to figure out how to get it out!!  They were so excited.  They also reported he is writing CVCC and CVC words independently, has gained confidence in his work, is starting to sound out words again, is VERY focused and on task. They write home daily in regard to how he did at school that day and all week I have been getting AWESOME, TERRIFIC, GOOD JOB!!!!  Last night he brought me 17 books and said he wanted to read.  I can't remember the last time he willingly sat down and read with me at night.  We read all those books and he read 7 of them!!!!  That was so huge for him.  His emotions are better but a little unstable at times.   His memory and concentration is better and he has blown my socks off many times over the past couple weeks.  He too, does not sleep through the night but overall he is making some great improvements.  Last week when he heard thunder and saw lightening you could see the terror in his eyes and he was scared.  Yesterday when it thundered he definitely was the first to notice but he was totally fine with it!  He also is more independent and his maturity is showing.  (Getting a bowl, pouring his cereal/milk, putting it away).  I could keep going on and on but I think you get the picture :-)

I have wanted to share our progress with you and to thank you for helping us.  We would not be here right now without your help and guidance.  The time you have devoted to us (countless hours on the phone), emails, etc. has meant so much.  The hope I have been holding onto is finally in reach and it is right here in a magic little bottle........

Have a great weekend!

West Virginia:

Great news!!!! Megan went to school this week as if nothing was wrong.  We are shocked!  I don't even know what to think.  There hasn't been a day that we haven't had to struggle since September.  I noticed some changes last week, but I wasn't really sure.  Her tics are 95% better, and she is sleeping through the night. 

We will continue to keep you up to date.

Much Love to you and your family!


We did the raindrop twice last week and capsules. I have to let you know Ryan's tics are so much better than last week. They are still not completely gone, but significantly better. I know we just started and I am actually afraid to jinx it, but it is remarkable what a difference a week has made. Thank you for all your support, we couldn't have done this without your help! Will keep you informed.”


“First, I want to reiterate my gratitude to you for taking the time to share their knowledge of essential oils and guiding us on our PANDAS journey. Without you, we would still be stuck on what our next step would be.
Our son had been on Azithromycin every day since late October 2013. Every time we tried to go to every other day, he would go through a flare. For Matty, his flares show OCD behavior, sleep issues, frequent daytime urination, and nighttime wetting. Starting in February our son was getting constant, terrible headaches due to the antibiotics. Beginning of March, his doctor decided to put him on Amoxicillin every day for 1 week and then every other day. The headaches were getting worse and so were his symptoms.
Fortunately, I was on FB one night and saw your post on the PANDAS Network. After reaching out and hearing your story, we decided that we needed to try the essential oils. They certainly were not going to hurt him! We try to do natural supplementation as much as possible, so this seemed to be a fit for us.
When the big box arrived, I opened it and was immediately overwhelmed! I took out the juice and remembered 2 oz. a day, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. Okay, we can do this!  So we have been taking baby steps...introducing one thing at a time. We started with the juice, and then a few days later started to diffuse the oils in his room. Last Friday we decided no more antibiotics. Being that Matty is on Spring Break this week, we thought this would be good time to introduce the capsules. He took his first one on Friday night, and then started twice a day. On Monday morning, Matty woke up completely dry! He was a little wet this morning, but he is also very constipated right now so I expected it. However, this was nothing compared to before. He had been going through 2 pull-ups and drenching his pajamas and sheets!
The diffuser has been amazing...Matty has never slept more soundly! He is still getting headaches, however they are less frequent (approx. 1x per day). However, I remembered that a drop of Peppermint oil would help. We haven't used a Tylenol on him in 10 days! We can usually tell when a headache is coming on. We first have him smell the oil (which helps!), then we put 1 drop in 4 oz. of his almond milk (learned that from reference guide). The headache goes away much faster than it ever did with Tylenol!  
Today we started the negative reactions! After a few more days, we will do our first massage. Matty has other challenges besides PANDAS, but PANDAS and strep has been a strain on everyone especially him. He is not his best self. Everything thus far with the oils has been a positive, and we are excited for Matty and what the future holds for him and our family!”


I want to thank you again for all you have done for us, and helping us with the essential oils.  Words cannot adequately express how thankful we are for finding you both and these incredible oils.  As I have shared in the past, we were so afraid to believe, not because of you, but because we were so afraid of being let down yet again.  I want to tell you, while we still have more to go, Michael is absolutely a different boy.  His motor tics are almost completely gone except for some slight movements at night before bed.  We have even see a marked improvement in his hand writing, so much so that the teacher even commented to me yesterday when I picked him up.  We are truly amazed.  Also, as you know he had such trouble sleeping and now he is sleeping through the night for more them 3 weeks!  THIS HUGE!!!  None of us have had a good night’s sleep in soooooo long we are beside ourselves.  I just wanted to share this with you, and again to say thank you for your help.  We can never repay you for all you have done!  I hope someday we can come to NY with Michael so we can meet face to face, and he can give you the biggest hug ever.  Hope to speak with you soon.”


We are looking forward to our trip to my parents this weekend. It’s the first real get away that we have had in over a year. As you know this wasn't even in the realm of possibility last year as our daughter could not handle it, nor could we for that matter. Truly this is amazing and I can’t even believe that we are packing a suitcase together with her...I'm crying as I write you this email. Her emotions are so under control it’s just unbelievable the difference. We used the extra oils you recommend and it really took us up a level. We have had NO sore throats, and no more headaches ( we are all using it and my other kids haven't gotten sick either) She still has a few OCD rituals that we are working on, but NOTHING like the stuff we went through before we started the oils. We decided to order the digestive enzymes you mentioned in your last email, and look forward to them getting here.
Thank you both so much for all your support and for allowing us to cry on your shoulder. There are no words to express our happiness in the change that is happening in Emily. Everything you told us is so true. We see it now! We are committed!”


"We have seen wonderful results straight away.  We are very thrilled to see the essential oils responding in our son. We so much enjoy speaking with you via the skype.  It is amazing to be able to do that and have you in our home through this technology. So sorry that it was so early for you there in the states. Devon is experiencing stability and focus and a keen sense of calmness that is quite remarkable.  We look forward to contacting you next week when we increase the wellness massage to three times a week.


First, thank you for all your calls and support.  You and your wife are amazing and so compassionate.  Where do you find the time to help so many?  Well as you know we have three kids with PANDAS/PANS.  All three have been on medicine for more than two years.  NOTHING has worked.  Our Son had IVIG, but his symptoms came back after 3 months.  Two of our children have only tics, and one with tics and OCD.  Our son has been doing the capsules everyday now for three weeks plus the raindrop, and we have had our first complete week free of bed wetting. Prior to this he went through three pull ups a night. His mood swings have totally calmed down now and there is a significant reduction in his anxiety and rituals.  Our daughters will not take the capsules, but instead we have been applying the oils on their feet daily along with the massage and Megan's tics have dramatically reduced.  Lisa still has some small eye blinking tics, but there is a big difference and we can see that she is making progress.  I want to say that since we added the Juice and the enzymes the results and progress have seemed to boost significantly.  In fact the tics literally stopped after three days on the juice and enzymes.  We are so excited about the future and complete recovery.  Thank you again for your willingness to share your story of recovery.  May God bless you. Hope to update you soon with more good news!



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