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Support the Natural Detox Process - Ideal For PANDAS

Bentonite Clay Baths

Clear-Out Detox Clay Bath assists in eliminating: mercury, lead, arsenic, and aluminum. This bath's herbs and spices assists in addressing the issues of parasites, allergies, digestive disorders, anxiety, depression, memory and much more.

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Support the Natural Detox Process - Ideal For PANDAS

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Let Us Help You... 

Helping you, is our ministry. Its our desire to educate you on the wellness benefits of essential oils.  We provide you with a comprehensive essential oils regimen tailored to support your child's individual wellness needs.  We do not sell you the essential oils.  If you desire our help we will advise you which ones to use, and help you use them correctly and effectively.  If you would like our help in creating a regimen for your child and would like us to guide you through the process of using them correctly and effectively as an alternative all-natural approach for PANDAS/PANS,  please contact us.  We are here to direct you based upon our personal experience with both PANDAS and using essential oils.


 PANDAS is rather unique in that while all of us have a very similar story, no two PANDAS conditions are completely identical.  Because of this, a targeted approach based upon your child and his needs, is the most effective approach. We do not believe that there is a blanket approach or a "one size fits all" list of oils that "works for every child." So in using essential oils it is important to know the specific details pertaining to each individual child...then and only then can you truly be successful in giving the body the right tools to do what only the body can do…heal itself.  Essential oils are a proven, safe and all natural alternative supportive approach to PANDAS. To be successful you must be focused and committed to using them consistently. Not all oils are created equal.   True Essential oils are not mere fragrance or perfumed oils found in a mall kiosk.  To be effective they MUST be pure therapeutic grade, unadulterated essential oils.  Adulterated oils can contain chemicals and additives, so choosing the right quality oils is key to their effectiveness.

We encourage you to read through the testimonials of the familes we have helped.  We are seeing the most amazing results in the lives of the children we are after the other...each is a miracle!   

Let us help you help them!

Be sure to click on the free consultation tab on our website so that we will be able to call you and discuss what we can do to help! 




This website  is for educational purposes only., and information found here is not intended to be medical advice.  We do not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  If you are suffering from any disease, illness, or injury it is your responsibility to consult with your Physician.  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

BIBLICAL DISCLAIMER:  This is a PANDAS support site for alternative natural methods to support the body’s natural healing process that God created.  It is dedicated to the ancient and biblical use of essential oils for the purpose of “healing” as recorded in scripture thousands of years ago.  It is our goal to help educate people on how to use essential oils correctly and effectively within that ancient biblical context. This is an educational site only, and we do not diagnose, treat or cure. This page does not promote any particular brand of essential oil.

 We Believe:

  • Essential Oils were created by God to be used as mankind’s FIRST “medicine.”
  • We believe that God was the creator of science.
  • That Essential Oils are the biblical plant based medicine mentioned nearly 700 times in the scripture.
  • That we are instructed by scripture to use them for the purpose of “healing.”
  • While the FDA restricts the right to claim any natural substance can affect or support healing in the body, we believe that the ancient scripture speaks first on this subject and any restriction by any governmental agency to discuss essential oils within the context of scriptural precedent is a violation of our free exercise of religion.

PLEASE NOTE: This site does not sell essential oils and is not a promotional website for any brand of Essential Oils.